A PHP and a RoR job in the city (San Francisco)

Here are two jobs in the city. If you are interested contact Debra: datandassoc [at] this site or call 415 246 1979.

  • Senior Software Engineer [PHP]
  • Senior Interface Designer / Developer [Ruby on Rails, Ajax]

My blog is becoming a job board in this bubble, and that’s bothering me. I’m barely posting a fraction of the e-mails I get as it is. I’m only posting a job that isn’t PHP or Ajax-related jobs and I’m only if I’m asked (since I’ve achieved whore status.

You’ve been spared. 🙂

[Descriptions after the jump]

Position Title: Senior Software Engineer – Core Ad Server Technology

General Description:
Senior level software development position within the core ad server team. This is an extremely important position for an experienced developer to have an impact on the direction of ad server development . The senior engineer will work closely with the product team and with the rest of the development team to specify, design, and develop, world-class software to be used in an extremely high-volume environment. New and innovative ad products will be developed within this group.

Reporting to: Ad Server Technology Team Lead


  • Work closely with the Product Development Team to define and prioritizing product enhancements. Comment on feasibility and effort analysis as appropriate.
  • Work closely with the Product Management team and the Development team to develop ad server functionality to spec. Author the software in PHP
  • Author technical specifications based on product specs. Review these specs with the rest of the group, incorporating best practices. Implement good software design.
  • Write unit tests for the functionality you develop. Help others to develop unit tests. Work closely with QA to help to automate these tests.
  • Assist the operations and build teams with software deployments to the production systems. Ensure quality software development processes are implemented and proper programming and release procedures are adhered to. Actively research and implement tools and processes to enhance team productivity and system quality.

Required Skills:

  • First and foremost this person must be a highly motivated, self-starter, be able to be productive with minimal supervision, and must value self-learning.
  • Highly proficient in programming and in SQL. A proficiency test will be administered.
  • Proficiency in source control systems, preferably cvs or svn
  • Must be highly organized and detail-oriented
  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills, especially the ability to author and communicate a software technical spec.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a small (2-3 people) group.
  • Must check your ego at the door and be able to work well in a tight group of enthusiastic engineers. Must be able to work collaboratively, listen, and incorporate new ideas into your designs.
  • Minimum Qualifications:

  • 5+ years experience in software development
  • 3+ years in PHP
  • 3+ years in **extremely** high transaction volume applications
  • 3+ years working with RDBMS, preference given to MySQL experience, specifically query optimization

Preferred Qualifications:

  • An understanding of ad targeting technology
  • Industry knowledge of the Internet advertising business such as CPM and CPC-based advertising
  • undergraduate degree in applicable field, preferably Computer Science or related field
  • C, C++ experience
  • Linux systems administration experience

Senior interface designer / developer

What we are looking for:
We are looking for an extremely capable design-oriented individual with some Ruby on Rails development experience.  A strong interest in AJAX, RJS, Javascript, HTML and CSS is required as you will implement various user-interface elements and effects using prototype and script.aculo.us in order to provide a rich user experience to our product.  A clean, portable interface is important to us, so demonstrated excellence delivering a easy-to-navigate cross-platform interface will be highly regarded.

In addition to your strong interface design skills, you should have a solid understanding of cross platform HTML and CSS.  Ideally, you will have an expert knowledge of browser behavior and techniques for elegantly handling cross-platform incompatibilities.  In addition, experience with graphing technologies such as RMagick and Adobe Flex and CSS generation tools such as Sass will be extremely useful.  You will be working with passionate Ruby on Rails and search professionals.  So, this is a great opportunity to be a part of an innovative team with a strong technical foundation.  

Technologies we are using:  Linux, Ruby on Rails, Java, Lucene (index design, creation, search optimization), REST, XML, Linux, RSS aggregation, BDB, MySQL.

We are a well-funded, early stage startup, with Series A coming from Halsey Minor (founder of CNET, Vignette, and lead investor in Salesforce.com – portfolio of companies at We are in stealth mode until launch later this year, so can’t say too much, but we are building a new way for people in companies to listen to and engage with customers out across the web.  located in downtown San Francisco, offers full health  benefits and early-stage stock equity.  For the right people, we are willing to contribute to the cost of relocation to the Bay Area.

Technologies we are using:  Linux, Ruby on Rails, Java, Lucene (index design, creation, search optimization), REST, XML, Linux, RSS aggregation, BDB, MySQL.

Guessing game

I normally like to play the guess the company game. Not sure about the second (rather open-ended description, in stealth mode).

I can guess the first one though. Hmm… “Must check your ego at the door.” No wonder they didn’t hire me. (Oh… those-who-know know the irony in that part of the description.)

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