PHP Community Conference Closing Keynote

I submitted a couple talks for [PHP Community Conference]( last month, of which one was accepted.

Unfortunately, it was the one I hadn’t prepared at all. The title was “living without your linemen” and was supposed to be about cloud services. A bit later, they asked if I could make it the closing keynote for the conference. This allowed me to write it from scratch and actually finish the talk (which I did about 30 minutes before I had to present it).

I’m told that they’ll eventually have a video archive of the talk at [](, but in the meantime, I audio-recorded it and synced it to the slides on slideshare. (Apologies for the sound quality being poor, I recorded it from my Mac Book Air).

In any case, for obvious reasons if you watch the talk, when I give this talk again at OSCON this year, I’m going to be gutting 30% of it and replacing it with different content. (Hopefully by then I’ll have more to talk about with respect to cloud services!)

Speaking at PHP Community Conference was a lot of fun, as was visiting Nashville.

Bridgestone Arena

Bridgestone Arena
Downtown, Nashville, Tennessee

Olympus E-P2, Lumix G 20mm 1.7 ASPH
12 exposures (1/20sec-1/60sec) @ ƒ1.7, ISO1600, 20mm (40mm)

It’s nice to be giving conference talks again after a two year hiatus. If you are a Ruby on Rails developer (or a Gentoo user), [I hope I didn’t hurt your fees too much]( “If not, rate this talk on :-D”). 😀 As always, I wish I was better prepared and could have enjoyed it better. I’ll be watching all your talks when they’re on 🙂

Terry Chay by Jeremy Kendall

I spent a particularly long time with Jeremy discussing flash photography and photographic processing tips.

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