Last year, I decided to do a fun project with me and 25 of my closest friends called PhotoAdvent. It was a shameless copy of PHPAdvent, but wherever you see “PHP” you replace it with “Photo” — I even swiped (with permission) their theme from the previous year (delta writing it by hand because apparently they don’t use WordPress to do PHPAdvent and I have to support the mothership.)

In any case, this year I contributed an article. Let me tell you it was work convincing the curators at PHPAdvent to accept my submission. But after an intense lobbying campaign with the other two editors, we finally posted it.

PETS: Reflections of the Internal | PhotoAdvent

Four out of five Scrooges agree, this is worth reading.

So read it or die! And when you are done, you better tweet it or share it on Facebook, or I will get Gibson to CUT YOU! (No, I do not declaw my kittehs.)

Oh yeah…Happy Holidays!

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