Perfect Ringing (This iPhone)

At work today Mark Kater and Sarah were joking that I’ve been as sick as long as I’ve had my iPhone. I guess my iPhone has bad Feng Shui.

Then Mark mentioned that the song in the iPhone television commercials, gives him the classically Apple 38 seconds of “all is good in the world” before he wakes up back to reality. I hadn’t heard the song, but when I mentioned this to our graphic designer, he said he hears the song in his sleep. The song is “Perfect Timing (This Morning)” by Orba Squara.

Hmm… that would make an awesome ringtone. 😀

Perfect Ringing

Perfect Ringing
North Beach, San Francisco, California

Nikon D70, Nikkor 85mm f/1.4D, Canon 500D close up filter
1/45sec @ f/1.4, iso200, 85mm (127mm)

It was indeed “Perfect Timing” because today was also when someone posted a desktop app for customizing the iPhone ringtone.

Some notes:

  • To get the song, there are a lot of ways. I purchased it in iTunes Music Store, burned to CD, and reimported as MP3
  • Intel Mac binary only. No PowerPC, No Windows
  • “There is no Step 1.” 😀
  • If your unlock fails, you have to click the “skip” button the second time around. Else it will keep playing the pig zapper sound.
  • The “Put the iPhone into Recovery Mode” means to hold the home and sleep buttons on the iPhone for 25 seconds until you see the recovery mode icon
  • Just kill “iTunes Helper” so iTunes doesn’t start up on you
  • Remember to select the ringtone (a green + appears next to the ringtone)
  • The iPhone speakers have a shitty bass

Have fun!

Bet you didn’t know the iPhone commercial song had lyrics?

Perfect Ringing (This iPhone)

The protections start to fade away
I see the shell on you when you’re resetting
Probably recover-ay

We had the perfect ringing
Because my iPhone has iFuntastic
Every hackin’ day.

The afternoon is on its way
I am looking forward to Open APIs coming
XCode like yesterday

It was the perfect ringtone
Because this iPhone will have better ringtones
Every jailbreak day

(Actual lyrics)

Perfect Timing (This Morning)

The streetlights start to fade away
I see the quiet on you when you’re sleeping
Probably dreaming day

We had the perfect timing
Because this morning is the perfect morning
Every morning

The afternoon is on its way
I am looking forward to the daylights coming
Good like yesterday

It was the perfect timing
Because tomorrow is the perfect morning
Every morning.

(Thanks to all the iPhone hackers and developers out there that make this user’s using a lot more fun. 😀 )

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