The Nimble and the Nerdy

On my way out of the office the other day I happened to glance at the front desk to see a stack of MaximumPC magazines. Curious I flipped through a couple issues and noted:

Why doesn’t the cover of MaximumPC have some hot Asian babe splayed across it?

A friend suggested that it was because maybe hot Asian babes used Macs, but what I was really trying to get at was how similar PC overclocking is to import car tuning.

Maximum PC Modified


Sometime just read the covers of MaximumPC and ModifiedMag and tell me they’re not the same magazine delta the modified women?

I’m actually counting the days until the next sequel to The Fast and the Furious will be about your next LAN party.

2 thoughts on “The Nimble and the Nerdy

  1. Rashaud,

    In defense to the hot female programmers from the United States I do know, they do exist. However, there’s probably no advantage to being a hot female programmer in the United States, so they self-select out.


    Because I’m all for affirmative action on hot female programmers. 😀

    Take care,


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