Getting Oracle and PHP talking

You’ve heard of LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) which according to “the vernacular” is “Web 2.0”, but did you know that there is OPAL (Oracle PHP Apache Linux)?

Me neither, until I ran across Chris Jones’s blog. Chris is the guy who wised me up to Oracle SQL Developer, a free download run-anywhere client (including Mac) into Oracle (and other databases). Super useful and worth a download.

He and Allison Holloway also wrote the useful The Underground PHP and Oracle® Manual (download pdf), which basically tells you how to get up and running with Oracle and PHP. You might find it useful. There is no Mac section though, FYI.

My view on such things is well known, so hopefully they’ll write another book addressing those things that he’s told me about what Oracle can do but I’ve been too busy to look into.

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