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During a discussion of the intermittent CPU contacts problem you get in F-mount lenses, Ryan pointed out something I didn’t notice: Nikon makes special-order “light grey” lenses:

Wrong in so many ways

My comment: “That grey body is wrong in so many ways.

The best marketing

My friend Bill Tani (Canon enthusiast) told me that painting their L lenses white has got to be one of greatest marketing moves in the history of photography. Here is what he means:

Mens 100M Finals 9

“Mens 100M Finals 9” from Vincent Thian’s photo gallery

Let’s face facts. Canon used to use an inferior low-dispersion material (flourite) causing them to paint their lenses white and this becomes a brand monikor (like an Apple iPod) that takes over the sport photography market.

Bill is right.

Nikkor enthusiasm

I actually own the lens Ryan links lens (not in grey, of course):

sidekick temporary setup

Sidekick Temporary Setup
Riverstone Townhomes, Mountain View, CA

Casio EX-Z750, built-in flash
1/125 sec @ f/2.8, iso 100, 7.9mm (38mm)

When Mike read my comment, he wrote: “Agreed as well. Spoken as a true Nikkor enthusiast! 😉 ”

Yep, that’s me.

5 thoughts on “Nikkor enthusiast

  1. Nikon shooters on an average whine too much about Canon. I’ve sold both to Pro shooters for over 13 yrs and we have a saying, “Buy a Nikon and get the attitude for free!”. Maybe Nikonians can’t except that cameras don’t need to be built like bricks to get the job done. Canon meanwhile silently takes the entire market from consumer to prosumer to pro, offering better and wider ranging equipment at a lower price to everyone. Nikon better catch up and quit worrying about their loyalists and start worrying about their customers who buy. Canon has a philosophy right now to take over the entire compact digital, slr digital, printer and video markets and according to industry sales, they are well on their way. (printers are behind HP)

  2. Darren,

    And Democrats on average whine too much about Republicans; Windows enthusiasts on average whine too much about Apple…

    Every segment has their set of cheerleaders, but maybe you can put down your Canon pom-poms to realize that your comment here on this post is a perfect example of “Canon shooters on an average whine too much about Nikon.”

    That’s understandable. You’re jealous that I have a Nikon D200 and enjoy taking photographs with it. I’m jealous of people who have a Pentax K10D with built-in anti-shake and some of the best lenses ever, or a Canon 5D with a full 35mm frame with a DoF that is a photojournalist wet dream, or Hasselblad H3D with a 70mm one.

    The difference here is: I don’t pretend not to be.

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