My personality

As I was nitpicking a historical inaccuracy in a recent Wired article, Holly wondered if I ever took a Myer-Briggs.

I always felt I’d score an introvert, but nearly everyone who ever took Myer-Briggs said I’d score a heavy extrovert. I had never took one so I didn’t know.

So today I did.

It turns out I’m an INFJ.

I think most people would say I’m an ESTJ, which I actually score a 186 as (vs. 307 for INFJ).

Then again, I once did one of those color personality tests in which I decided to order them based on the spectrum of the rainbow. When I read out my personality, everyone said it was spot on.

Now all I have to do is figure out what superhero or supervillain I’d be.

But then you’d know too much about me.

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