Not a way to begin an e-mail

I got this cold-email from a Hank Z…

Mr. Chay… (Ms??)

We are the deleted

We saw your resume on the Web…

We are urgently seeking candidates who are SW engineers, and have a background in database SW development, and also expertise in mySQL.

Boy, Hank, (or is it Ms. Hank?) you recruiters know how to bring back bad memories, fuck you very much!

See, when I got in to the physics graduate school at the University of Illinois, I got a “Ms. Terrence Chay” acceptance letter from them. I thought Oh shit, I checked the wrong box. You might think this is impossible, but when I asked my father to dig up the photocopy of my application, he didn’t give a pause and I could see he was already relishing the opportunity to lord this mistake over me for the rest of my life.

(Thankfully, I checked the right box—truly, the first time in my life I filled out a form correctly. Needless to say, purchasing stuff online is always a trial for me.)

[the only highlight after the jump]

Two bets I thought I’d not lose

The only highlight is that the job is for mySQL and not Postgres so Sterling still owes me a beer. He must have been drunk when four years ago, he bet me that Postgres would have been more popular than mySQL in two years (according the number of jobs available). What was he thinking?

In other news, someone did eventually take me up on that bet about a “full frame” Nikon by the end of this year (sure my real claim was about how there wouldn’t be a Canon 5D sequel, but I got a little bold on the forums and a nikonographer called me out on it).

I sent him enough to buy a case of beer for him and his friends via PayPal. It was another harsh reminder about how the U.S. dollar is in the toilet, but not half as harsh as having to admit you were wrong.

I hate that shit almost as much as being called “Ms. Chay.”

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