Lunch 2.0 l(a)unches

In 1999, I used to eat lunches in Novell’s offices (now eBay’s headquarters). In 2000, Dave visited me and I showed him all the crappiest food in the valley. In 2001, Dave came to the Valley and we decided we needed to visit corporate cafeteries, because the only thing you got free in the valley, post bubble, was caffeinated beverages.

That was Lunch 1.0 and it sucked.

Then Mark got fired from Google and started inviting everyone to have lunch on Plaxo.

Lunch 2.0 was born

Lunch 2.0 @ Dot’s Café, Yahoo!

What is Lunch 2.0?

From our blog, with no apologies to Tim O’Reilly:

Lunch 2.0 is a social phenomenon referring to a migration of Web 2.0 company employees to other offices around the Silicon Valley area; characterized by open communication, decentralization of authority, freedom to share food and ideas, and “the lunch as a conversation.”

What Lunch 2.0 is not

  • We are not social or business networking…there are other places virtually or in the valley to do that. But if you happen to network, that’s okay.
  • We are not a free lunch ticket…well sometimes we are :-), it depends on where it’ll be and how tolerant our host is.
  • We are not a job site…but if you’re looking to hire or be hired, that’s okay. HR managers take note: we have at least two decades experience eating food
  • We are not corporate espionage…unless your menu is good.
  • Quid pro quo…if you eat our lunch, we eat yours.

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