Light Painting

This movie is simply amazing. To understand why, you still have to know what “light painting” is.

Basically, the concept is to take your camera and put it on a tripod and set it on bulb exposure. You open the shutter, then take a lighter, matches, or a flashlight and paint the scene (or doodle), and then close the shutter.

These people did that, did it again, and again, until they had made a stop-motion movie!

Since Light Painting is this month’s DPBlog’s Project of the Month, I was suitably primed to be impressed.

If you want to see the inspiration of this photograph, check out Dean Chamberlain’s photographs sometime.

It’s something I’ll definitely have to mess with sometime. Looks like a lot of fun and frustration.

You should too.

One thought on “Light Painting

  1. I think you should send me a good print of this photograph. How much to you want for it? It interests me. I like the distribution of light in relationship with the subject matter.

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