Lieberman’s problem

“Lieberman’s ultimate problem isn’t fanatical bloggers, any more than Lyndon Johnson’s was crazy, antiwar Democrats. His problem is that Bush, and the war that both he and Bush have championed, is speeding the ongoing realignment of the Northeast. His problem, dear colleagues, is Connecticut.”
—Harold Meyerson, “Lieberman’s Real Problem

Lieberman frames his primary challenge from Ned Lamont as “extremists” taking over the Democratic party. Meyerson says it is what it always is in a representative democracy trust in judgement: “So, why the surprise if Connecticut voters, listening to Lieberman and looking at his record, conclude that they cannot trust his judgment on the single most important issue of the day?”

3 thoughts on “Lieberman’s problem

  1. This is exactly what the Democratic Party needs. This is what we could have had in 2004 if not for Dean’s public screeching after the Iowa Caucus… BTW, I think you misspelled Ned Lamont’s last name.

  2. @Michael: Thanks, I fixed the typo. I’m trying to avoid editorializing about politics which is why I’ve changed things to pick out interesting quotes I find.

    Feel free to editorialize yourself in comments. It’s appreciated.

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