Leopard Sneak Peak

I finally got around to looking at Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard site. The videos are interesting.

[Mini-preview after the jump.]

Time Machine will probably turn out like File Vault—too inconvenient to be used.

Mail’s additions are better served by a commercial web service.

I pretty much already switched to using Adium and Skype for what iChat does. I might switch back sometimes in order to use screen-sharing and give Keynotes). But what I really want is remoting and the ability to locally record my presentations. Does anyone else out there think it’s silly that you can’t have Keynote log your button press times and then use it during QuickTime export?

Spaces is so obviously useful to X-Windows virtual desktoppers. It’s way to powerful to be used by mom-and-pop.

Dashboard is still something neat looking for a problem and all the tools in the world isn’t going to solve that.

Spotlight improvements are always welcome.

It’s about time Apple did something about Calendar sharing and meeting making—I’m sick of Exchange. it’s going to take a plugin to Outlook/Entourage before it takes off.

I could swear the new intonation-based text-to-speech is not “Apple-invented,” How is this any different than the really-amazing Speechissimo?

64-bit? ehh. I’m not using this as a database server.

The Core Animation preview is quite simply amazing and worth looking at. (Spoiler: Think iTunes Music Store commercial but with your photos instead of album covers.) I saw a similar use of Core Animation in the Apple TV setup they had at MacWorld so it explains the holdup in that and the iPhone. That’s an impressive leverage of a OS technology there Apple.

Mac OS X Leopard Core Animation

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