Leica No. 5

Saw this in Chanel’s new commercial.

Leica M8 on Chanel N°5

Is that a Leica M8?
Audrey Tautou and Leica

Is it wrong that I recognized the camera before the actress?

Nothing beats a rangefinder if you want to evoke “classic.”

3 thoughts on “Leica No. 5

  1. @Fazal Majid: I actually think in this case it was the director’s choice. It seems Chanel gave him a lot of freedom. Also, I thought Hermes sold their interest in Leica a while back.

    Nice catch with the fact that she shoots Leica around. I think I saw a photo of Scarlett Johansson carrying her Leica around also (chrome face instead of painted black). Although I believe both of them shoot film version, not the M8. It does remind me I need to get my lenses repaired.

    @Chris Shiflett: I also misspelled “Chanel” on the first line of the post. [Fixt] 🙂

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