Last day for MacHeist

Just a reminder that this is the last day to Last day to purchase the MacHeist bundle. I’ve been buying these since they used to be co-produced with MacUpdate, and now it’s almost just a habit on the off chance that I might need one of the applications. Usually just needing one offsets the price of the bundle.

Just recently, everything got unlocked.

MacHeist 3 bundle

Because of this I’ve found I own a lot of duplicates. I thought I’d go over some of them just FYI for Mac Users.


I also own GarageSale purchased and upgraded from a previous bundle. Since I don’t sell on eBay, I don’t use these.

It seems iSale is a little slicker, but GarageSale has better integration.


If I needed this I’d probably do it by hand in Photoshop. Though, it probably beats things if you have a lot of photos you need to put in this style for a website or something. I’m not good at Mac-web integration since all my servers are Linux.


I own two copies of MacGourmet. SousChef looks slicker, but the “deluxe” version of MacGourmet may have a feature you need. I’m sticking with what I already have my recipes in. Plus, it’s on my iPhone, otherwise SousChef is worth a look.

World of Goo

This puzzler from two guys in San Francisco is so awesome I actually own the Wii version. The Mac version is much easier to use, but you don’t get the multiplayer action that the Wii one has. Tiki Towers is very similar to this for the iPhone, but I think it’s worse.


Finally a way to download my SMS conversations and music onto my computer. This is great!


I purchased this when it came out. It’s great at grabbing web pages, parts of web pages, and blurring certain content you don’t want revealed for privacy reasons. Since it makes an image, the HTML snaps get around some problems that you find in other products. Still, it’d be nice of the DOM snapper snapped an HTML archive. Integration with some other archival system would be nice also.

I also own Skitch and Snapz Pro X. I prefer the second for quickies, and the latter for video.


I got Pixelmator through a previous bundle. This is supposed to be even lighter. After being burned by learning GraphicConverter years ago, I don’t think that I can deal with another graphics program learning curve. I’m staying with Photoshop, even if it takes on year to boot up and they wreck the UI every three years.


I don’t do video or 3D editing, but if you do, buying the bundle is like having 80% off.

WireTap Studio

I used to use Audio Hijack Pro for this. I can’t find my serial so I’m faced with the possibility that I pirated it :-O. In any case, neither program has been on my computer for years.

If you want to make a podcast, I think Audacity has been the de-facto ruler in that regard, though I heard GarageBand is also quite acceptable.


I don’t do video or 3D editing, but this looks like something nice for video podcasting.

The Hit List

After going through a zillion systems over the years, I finally got my shit together and up-to-date on Things. I enter stuff on my iPhone and still use TaskPaper (which I got from another bundle) for quick checklists).

I’m not about to try another product, even though a lot of people are raving about it.

I note, with not a small amount of wryness, that my brother and father have gone successfully for years with a small notepad and pen.


The two competitors to this product are TextMate and Coda, with Espresso more in common to the latter than the former.

I never got passed macvim, but if I do, I guess I’ll shoot for this one.

Cro-Mag Rally

I own this for my iPhone. I’m not about to play this one on my Mac.

Besides, I always get my butt whipped in racing games.


I’ve been using NetNewsWire since it cost money. I really need to move out of the dark ages, but today isn’t the day I’m going to try Times.

Delicious Library

This was a bonus for twittering it. I actually own and use Bookpedia (and DVDpedia) which is simply more reliable and better programmed. But I like eye candy so I’ll see if I can migrate stuff to Delicious Library.

I have to do it manually, after importing, there is obvious way to get it to try to supplement data with Amazon.


Big Bang Board Games

The only two board games I care about are Chess and Go. This doesn’t have Go and the Chess interface is difficult to use. I’ll stick with a mac client that binds to FICS and IGS.


Looks interesting, but I have to finish Valkyria Chronicles on my PS3 first. I was totally addicted to that game for like three days. 🙁

I know it sounds like I’m down on this bundle, but really I think it’s a great deal. Even with the limited utility it has to me, I still bought it, and so should you. 🙂

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