Features I wish the iPhone had

Yesterday, after the iPhone 3G announcement, someone at work made a comment, “For $200, there is no reason not to get an iPhone.”

I thought that shows we engineers have a serious lack of imagination.

The reasons I gave at the time to him are no different that this Gizmodo article.

Still shows a serious lack of imagination.

On my way to work, between swigs from my water bottle and wondering why God turned up the brightness and volume on the world today, I decided that the deal-killing feature the iPhone 3G was missing is a free “booty call” feature.

iPhone 3G

I wish phones came with that.


Last night I met Dom of iPhoneDevCamp. He mentioned that a lot of people are registering for iPhoneDevCamp 2 (August 1-3 in San Francisco) and will likely be filled up before the event. So register now.

7 thoughts on “Features I wish the iPhone had

  1. I have to agree with Andrew. My experience is that ladies (and guys =/) really respond to the iPhone. It may be no guarantee, but it can be an ice breaker.

    However, at $1-frickin-99, every sleeze ball will have one. So, that affect may wear off. Only the savviest female will realize you have the original iPhone that sold for $599.

  2. Just do what I did, turn to guys. In a city like SF there is always a guy ready to “go.” No need to wine and dine, just go on CraigsList m4m section, post what u want and watch the emails come pouring in.


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