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The company I work for started offering printed holiday cards. I really like the holiday list maker we built, but I’m not using them. The selection is poor. (Luckily, that is offset by allowing you to upload your own photo, which I recommend you do.) I’m uncertain they got the color calibration correct on their dye-sublimated printers. (That is a problem I’ve found with even photo printing services, so it is unfair to blame our partner.)

But really, it’s just not me.

three holiday cardsEven though I almost never send holiday cards, I am always on the lookout for great Christmas cards and buy them when I find just the right one. Potion Brand is a wonderful example of cards done right, in a way you just can’t get through a service: square cards, vellum envelopes, sparkle! I bought a couple boxes and I’m sending them to the people at work this year just to remind everyone at work what a real holiday card looks like. Perhaps I’ll get a few boxes for next year for everyone else.

Update: The cards didn’t arrive in time. I guess it goes out next year.

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  1. The holiday cards are nice, but I found two websites that have excellent holiday cards that can be personalized just the way you want them. They have lots of Christmas Holiday greeting cards with photos, or you can add a picture to any holiday Christmas invitation card in their collections. Here’s the two sites.

    Invitations- Shoppe

    These two sites have hundreds of unique Christmas, Halloween, Mardi Gras and all other holiday invitations greeting cards that are ideal for any holiday purpose. And, they print and ship your order the same day.

    Cindy Thompson

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