Interesting PHP factoids

It’s times like these that I wish someone just told the reporter that PHP is a programming language for web development that has a larger marketshare than Java J2EE and Microsoft dotNet combined:

[Web 2.0 technologies] also mean applications can be built much more quickly, says Mr Boloker. He is a big fan of PHP, an open-source scripting language which makes building mashups even easier. Originating in Greenland, PHP is now managed by an Israeli company called Zend.
Sydney Morning Herald

I didn’t realize that Rasmus wasn’t in Canada when he wrote PHP and that Cupertino is now in Israel.

Good to know.

Oh yeah, it’s nice that they’re allowed to use Apple Macintoshes in IBM, I didn’t know they’re so generous. Will they be taking his away with the Intel switch?

Other than that hilarity, thank you Dave Boloker for plugging PHP. Now I can go around saying that the former chief of Java Technologies at IBM Software Group is a “big fan of PHP.”

Rock on.

2 thoughts on “Interesting PHP factoids

  1. Now, now, poking fun at mainstream press coverage of programming topics is too easy to be sporting. It is like hunting kittens.

    I have seen David Boloker’s mashup demonstration (on his Mac). The tool he will have been demonstrating is QEDWiki. Google for it if you are in the mood. I don’t think it is mature enough to have an official home page.

    It seems like a cool idea. Aiming for the ease of use of wiki syntax but allowing you to embed PHP in your wiki pages to do dynamic stuff.

    I don’t know how big a demographic that satisfies. You could ask how they are going with popularity. They seem to be going for a similar market segment of dabbler programmers who want to get a lot done easily mixed with stronger programmers who are willing to give up complete control in exchange for canned functionality.

    … but given how many programmers are complete control freaks, I am never sure how big a niche that is.

  2. Cupertino might be in california allright, but you can just checkout where ZEev and aNDi live and spend their working time (the little that is left from the evangelizing trips, I guess…) to figure out that it is indeed an israely company…

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