Well it’s official…I live in a cave.

Until today, I had no idea who Natalee Holloway is. According to an old Kuro5hin article, this means I live in a cave.

Upon bringing myself up to speed, I was amused and appalled. Truly, from all the hate mail, there needs to be a higher bar before people are allowed to post on the internet. Is this the first time these people read about missing white woman syndrome to understand the sentiment expressed in the, otherwise mundane, Kuro5hin article?


Granted, the Kuro5hin editor could have been tactful—his spew plays right into the purpose of these circus sideshows: to get these idiots worked up enough to go to the polls and vote for the right wing freak of the week. To paraphrase what someone said about this, “I took one look at the girl’s picture and I knew what all the fuss was about.” The manipulation has gotten so blatant it is comical.


My favorite summary:

  1. Rich girl gets drunk
  2. Horny frat guys slip something in girl’s drink
  3. Girl stops breathing
  4. Frat guys freak, have rich, white trustfund-endangerment related diarrhea, dispose of body off side of yacht
  5. Terrorists blamed

Double Heh.

It’s good to know Kuro5hin is still good for a laugh.

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