Gizmodo should stick to gadgets

It always annoys me when Gizmodo writes about digital photography. Mostly because they get almost nothing right.

Case in point: their article on today’s Lexar UDMA CF cards, which has three egregious errors.

First, I would believe that CF at PIO-5 (aka 133x) is already close to SDHC’s theoretical max speed and faster than any SDHC card out there, so it’s hardly “playing catchup.”

Second, there is already a camera that supports this card: the Hasselblad H2D and H3D. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the MF digital backs support UDMA. Sure they’re expensive, but they are not “theoretical.”

Third, UDMA is supported in the newest CF reader from SanDisk. This means that you have a practical advantage today in download speed to an external reader. Who would have thunk?

I know if they had bothered to read an article I wrote last year, they could have avoided foot-in-mouth disease.

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