I was catching up on Mark’s blog when I read a reference to FUIFV.

Dave Coursey’s memory is a bit off.

I think it was a “FYIFV” pin or t-shirt. (How “FUI” has a nice ring to it is beyond me.) It is an urban legend that is applied to Microsoft, not Apple.

I first read about it in graduate school (1995) in an article James Gleik wrote for NYT Magazine about how Microsoft beat the first anti-trust case brought against them. I think it was again picked up by Wired in an article claiming the premature destruction of MS after they lost the second anti-trust case brought against them (2000). The author was in an awful hurry to publish a book about the downfall of Microsoft before reality caught up with him so he can be forgiven for cribbing Gleik’s mistake.

Back to Mark’s article.

It’d be pretty sweet to be fully vested at G. I guess you can go around flying your ultralight planes and shit.


Oops, that’s Y!

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