Find my iPhone

Well this solves one problem in the morning

Find My iPhone

By the way, despite having purchased the iPhone 3G the day after release day, having a plan which I never use with infinite texts stuck on, I don’t qualify for discounted pricing until 12/13/2009.

I’m curious how AT&T does that computation. Some sort of cost-benefit on when I’m might leave them vs. when they lose Apple exclusivity?

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  1. I was curious about this when I first heard about the find my phone: how secure is the mobileMe thing? Is this going to be the new stalker/find cheating husbands/wives app?

  2. @John J: This feature is all over SSL so the transport is secure. The rest is a function of your password security on your end and security on Apple’s end. You have to enable the feature on your iPhone though.

  3. A story about using the service to catch a thief.

    This would have worked for me when I lost my first iPhone. I pretty much could narrow the time I lost it to a 10 second window and I realized it within 10 minutes of “losing” it.

    BTW, the reason in the story the position narrowed so quickly is because the phone turned on (the guy answered the phone), he went outside and therefore the GPS tracking was able to get the exact position. Before that it was depending on Skyhook for positioning.

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