Fake or Photo fun

A fun discussion on Flickr pointed me to this site that contains a quiz where you guess images as “fake” or “photo”?

Is it Fake or Foto?

The site is sponsored by Alias, they have been the king of 3D graphics for many years now. I remember visiting my friend at Alias/Wavefront’s offices in Santa Barbara (back when they were a division of SGI) and seeing all the movies posters up on the walls there—each one had parts that were rendered with their software.

If you take the quiz and get a 10/10, there is a 4 question bonus round.

I managed to “ace” both, but I had to game the system.

Instead of using a standard “Does that look fake or real?” I tried a more “anti-computer/pro-stock photography” strategy. I also figured a 50/50 split between CG and “real.”

It kind of makes me feel all dirty.

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