Facebook @ SXSW

When did SXSW become the “It” conference? I remember when people in the Valley would say “I have to go to SXSW” followed by a sigh that reminded me of how I used to approach mowing the lawn.

First comes the music, then comes the money, then come the geeks? Or is this another excuse for LA to jet to TX for some real BBQ?

In any case, if you are there, you might want to attend the the Facebook party tonight. Apparently, like an acquaintance’s Burning Man tent, there’s going to be Red Bull on the house.

Be sure to register now to get the super secret location sent back to you. If you are bored and sober, ask the Facebook people what’s up with the FQL thing—all my mad, non-existant SQL skills transferred to an API? Or, why salt every request in the session with a ref counter provided on client side?

Be sure to get them good and drunk before doing so. The answers might be halfway interesting then. 😀

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