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Since I was working on a web-tool to detect and clean HTML embed codes, Firefox was experiencing some intermittent crashing. Today I loaded up my page in Safari, seeing the site for the first time in weeks without my banner ad blocker:

Eve Online, Afro Samurai and other Tagged madness

The banner ad is for Eve Online which is a MMORPG imported from Korea. Someone I know just accepted a job for a similar company so this is a big shout-out to you (you know who you are).

BTW, Afro Samurai did a takeover a couple weeks ago. I decided to change my tagged profile theme to the promo. It’s a pity that I don’t get cable and this isn’t on iTunes, because it looks like an interesting show.

(I had cable until yesterday, but didn’t know it since I never connected it. I found out today when they left a note on my door saying they cut it.)

That week, our director of sales was in L.A. closing some deal when he ended up running into Samuel L Jackson on a lot in Burbank. That’s pretty cool when your company just did a takeover promotion for them.

In other news, I added the two twitter flash badges to the test case engine for html embeds, along with 59 other html snippets. Rendering tweaks and security patches will now be able to move forward and upgrade silently on the site.

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  1. EVE Online was not imported from Korea. It’s an Icelandic company, CCP, which developed and later published the game. Don’t know where you got that piece of information.

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