Dustbin of history

“Couldn’t care less about George Bush, he’s just a gutless spoiled brat asswipe that belongs in the dustbin of history. A Wiki entry a hundred years from now beginning with ‘GW Bush elected 43rd president of the United States. WTF were they thinking?’”
—Tsulagi on Balloon Juice

I found this quote amusing.

One interesting thing I’m noticing from that thread is that I can now agree with the points both sides are making even though I reserve my opinion on the matter. That’s how I used to be feel about politics back in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Even though my opinions were wrong then, it’s nice to feel that being wrong is an option.

After all, we learn by being wrong.

2 thoughts on “Dustbin of history

  1. I agree, i wasn’t really impressed by GW but it really takes some time to see what happens in the near future before you can pass total judgement. Its not looking good but you never know.

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