Defending Montana

For the last three years, a number of people of both parties have ridiculed the 50 State Strategy adopted by Howard Dean and Barrack Obama.

Recently, the Republican National Committee just spent half a million defending McCain in Montana. Montana! And remember, that’s money put there because the McCain campaign is outspent because of fundraising limits. Remember when, not more than a few years ago, it was taken as a given that the Republican campaign had much more money than the Democratic one?

Some people need to own up and admit they were wrong about campaign strategy. The Democratic Party has been in denial about this ever since Clinton and the party suffered for two decades. If the Republican Party doesn’t changed their time in the wilderness will be much longer.

Leaving you with a photo of a terrorist fist bump training camp taken by Joe Raedle of Getty:


Favorite comment: “Black secret service agent, black car, black candidate hitting a small, white child who is grimmacing in terror. What next America? The negrofication of America has begun.”

Hmm, looking at the picture, it looks like I’m going to have to add the Wall Street Journal to the list of liberal rags.

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