CNET Open House on Tuesday: Under the Hood

CNET is hosting an open house on October 2nd (Tuesday). Given that every PHP Meetup in SF has been cancelled the night before, I suggest you go to this. 😀

GameSpot,, and will be having a panel discussion on using PHP/MySQL framework to share code between multiple sites that support 49 million unique visitors and over 1 billion page views each month? Attendees will be registered to win a Nintendo Wii!

Hosts: CNET Networks HQ
Address: 235 2nd Street, San Francisco
Date: Tuesday October 2, 6PM-7:30PM

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One thought on “CNET Open House on Tuesday: Under the Hood

  1. fwiw, one of the CNET employees has offered to take over hosting of the SF PHP group and provide it a home at CNET. I believe the next meeting is planned for the first Thursday in November, but I’d refer you to the group mailing list for confirmation.

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