Buying a digital camera

With Christmas here, Ryan has been writing a series on purchasing a digital camera. I thought I’d link them for a number of you who have expressed interest:

  1. About $100 or less.
  2. Mid-range ($150-$350)
  3. dSLR alternatives: Why not to buy a dSLR and high-end non-dSLR digitals.
  4. Entry-level dSLRs and Entry-level dSLR models
  5. To Infinity and Beyond: professional setups

Here is my “series”:

  1. What camera should I buy?: on purchasing a pocket camera
  2. I’ll buy what he’s buying: caveat emptor on dSLR purchases
  3. That eternal question: SLR vs. bridge?: Deciding between a large digital camera and an entry dSLR.
  4. Considering an entry level camera: Purchasing your first dSLR.
  5. Is my camera “professional”?: What makes your camera professional?

You can see my guide is haphazard and a bit elitist. It’s also really dated—though I’m proud of how much of it has stood the test of time.

Still, it might be fun to compare and contrast our approaches/philosophies.

5 thoughts on “Buying a digital camera

  1. ELITIST!!!

    Haha, thanks for the links. My approach is stream-of-conscousness. I may have lapsed into Finnegan’s Wake toward the end.

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