Plaxo Office Space

When I worked at Plaxo’s offices on Crittenden (now part of the GooglePlex), there was a door to our server closet inside the handicap stall men’s bathroom of the third floor.

Plaxo Crittenden Bathroom Layout

I can picture this like a scene in the movie: You are minding their own business, taking a shit on the toilet when the mysterious door opens, a sysadmin walks into the stall, says to you, “Oh, Excuse me, our wifi was down.” He then opens your stall door and leaves.

PC Load Letter

One day a VP went to print something out, and started shouting, “PC Load Letter? PC Load Letter! What the heck does that mean? PC Load Letter?! Does anyone know what that means?”

He was deadly serious—the entire office was busting up because unlike him, they had actually seen this movie:

5 thoughts on “Plaxo Office Space

  1. Um, er, that guy was me. The guys in the office (Redgee, Ethan, Dru, etc.) loved to play gags on me. They actualy re-programmed the printer (which never worked) to have "PC Loadletter" printed on the readout. I fell for it big time.

    1. I went to the college it was based on. It's a mix of two old traditions: "innerspace" (the South Dormitories have crawlspace between all the rooms) and "the steam tunnels" (this is common with other universities, but I don't know any other school where this is an accepted mode of travel to class and where some students have been known to keep desks down there for working).

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