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[The company I work for][automattic] is distributed [around the world][map]. Automattic is the company behind WordPress so we keep in track of each other using a hundred different internal blogs known as “[the P2s][p2].” Since we might not see each other for over a year, someone (probably [Sara][sara rosso]) got the crazy idea of that new employees should record a video introducing ourselves to the rest of the company. Later, around my birthday, some of the old hands also belatedly created and posted videos to the P2s.

I secretly recorded one.

Since I am leaving Automattic, it made sense that I had better posted it before I leave.

By the way, Automattic is a great company, [you should work there][work at automattic]. As Marie said to me once, “It’s like a big company picnic…[with BBQ][matt bbq].”

[automattic]: “Automattic”
[map]: “About Us—Automattic”
[Automatticians]: “About Us—Automattic”
[Lloyd Dewolf]: “A Fool’s Wisdom: A Fool and his wisdom are soon parted”
[office porn]: “Office Porn”
[p2]: “P2 WordPress Theme, like twitter”
[sara rosso]: “Sarra Rosso: Technology, Communication, Photography, Food & Travel”
[work at automattic]: “Work With Us—Automattic”
[sopa blackout]: “Wikipedia, other websites back after anti-piracy bill protest—CNN”
[wordpress]: “WordPress: Blog tool, Publishing Platform, & CMS”
[Wikimedia]: “Wikimedia Foundation”
[matt bbq]:

What follows is a slightly modified version of my Automattic farewell.

### Outro

To my esteemed fellow [Automatticians][],

I have bittersweet news. After two and a half amazing years here, I am leaving Automattic. My last day is this Friday.

It’s been fun working alongside you all the past few years. I’ll miss you guys. (I keep the photos from the Québec and Budapest meetups on the bookshelf behind my desk.)

Inspired by [Lloyd][Lloyd Dewolf]’s outro, I thought I’d sign off by (finally) sharing my Automattic intro video. (Yes, when all you cool kids were doing it last year, I made one, mine was just not cool enough—you can tell because [my office has since changed][office porn].) Not just so you can get to know me better before I take my leave, but also so you have final proof that I am a real person and not just a [] going offline. 😉

Love how the still frame YouTube decided to use has me pulling an (almost) Rush Limbaugh.

After turning from the dark side (watch my video for more on that), I’ve decided to stay with the good and go to another huge PHP open-source project: [Wikimedia][], as their director of features engineering. (I heard [their site went down (or something) last month][sopa blackout], so you know they need help!)

I’m excited about starting this new chapter, but I’ll always support [WordPress][wordpress] via my blogging missives, plugin contributions, and perhaps even a core update here and there.

¡Viva la revolución Automattic! Stay “internet famous”!

Take care,

terry chay

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  1. It was a pleasure working together, I always appreciated what you brought to the table, and best of luck with your new gig. 🙂

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