…and I still haven't written my talk

Apparently, I’m giving a talk at php|works in Atlanta on Friday. My talk should be just interesting enough to avoid it.

This year, I need to change it up and go low key on my mad Apple Keynote skills. (What? You think it’s because I still have yet to make an outline for my talk? Have you been twitter stalking me again?) That’s okay, because according to Ed I’m most likely to pull a “Drunken Batman.”

Not to sure if he means this or this, but I’m guess probably both.

See you there!

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2 thoughts on “…and I still haven't written my talk

  1. No outline? Let me get you started.

    I. Ruby on Rails not that bad
    a. DHH *is* a stud
    b. That which is easy is not evil
    II. Java is the technology of the future
    a. It’s faster than Assembly after the bytecodes are rearranged
    b. Hey guys, check out my applets
    III. Semantic Web rocks
    a. Tim Berners-Lee is *also* a stud
    b. The world will hold hands and commit to this project

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