Great moments in packaging

The drains in the apartment periodically get clogged— *cough* not me, I have short thick hair. This means every six months dropping a bottle of Liquid-Plumbr® pipe snake down the drain…or Drāno®, depending on which conglomerate I’d like to support today.

A suggested solution is to jam a plastic barbed wire down it. So I ordered a three-pack from Amazon. It’s been on backorder for about six months. Eventually I got fed up and ordered a single Zip-It Drain Cleaner for $5.56 plus free two day shipping through Amazon Prime.

The package was too good not to share

The boxThe box half openThe box openedDSC_4976.JPGThe Zip-It

I figure it cost more to ship than I paid for it.

Somewhere, out there, a polar bear just drowned.

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