Eight years ago, at a party, a friend asked me who I preferred for the Democratic nomination. I said, “Barack Obama.”

“What about Hillary?” she asked, clearly bummed.

“She’s great too, and if she wins, I’d be proud to cast my vote for her to become the first female President of the United States.”

Looks like I’ll get my chance.

I wonder what my friend is thinking right now. To all you die-hard Hillary-supporters: sure, it was an eight-plus year wait, but it’ll have been worth it.

About the media conspiracy theories

A facebook friend, who has studied, worked with and in the media for his entire career implied that the the AP breaking the story that Sec. Hillary Clinton won the primary proved that a news agency was “100% in the tank for someone named Clinton.” To which a few people, Bernie supporters, agreed and added their own conspiracy theories to boot:

Here was my response:

AP did it because they are a news agency wanted the scoop. They saw that because of Puerto Rico, it would be easy to get it. The first two names on the byline are people whose job it is to survey superdelegates for the AP which they’ve done continually (look them up in NEXIS). They probably found the 17 most likely people they knew could be pestered until they announced. As someone whose worked and studied the media, I’d think this would be obvious.

For at least two weeks now, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been privately asking superdelegates to hold off on announcing until after NJ. Look at how they scheduled (what clearly would be a victory party) in NYC for Tuesday night and Wednesday (along with Obama scheduled to be in the same city on the same day). Clearly they’re not happy either. Unfortunately they’re 720 of them and they’re their own people not beholden to anyone in particular (as much as I find the superdelegate system detestable, that is the point of them).

The only thing the press is “100% in the tank for” is clicks, Facebook posts, and retweets. And it clearly worked for the AP this time.

After that, someone accused me of “making too much sense this election cycle.” So my response to them was:

My bad. Forget what I said. Bernie was on Market Street today, so clearly this is a ploy by the media industrial complex to make my primary vote not matter. 😉

(BTW, I’m with Her, but I’m really excited to see so many facebook friends feeling the Bern. I hope each and every one of them ignores the AP article and votes for their preferred candidate.)

Another friend said that they were sick because “CA voters… totally don’t matter to the AP.” My answer was:

You’ve lived in California your entire life. When has your primary vote ever “mattered” in the way you say above?

Besides, the biggest middle finger you can give them is to vote anyway. 🙂

Go vote. Don’t ever let anyone take away that which people lived and died to give you by telling you it doesn’t matter.

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