A social network stream of conciousness

Someone else asked me a question whose answer turned out to be Gaia Online.

According to the data in the hints of the question, Gaia needs a serious revision upward in Alexa traffic rankings. I’m still wondering how revenue is going to keep up with costs though.

This company had a booth at ZendCon which was practically the only booth I missed even though they had a totally smokin’ boothbabe there—ZendCon isn’t CES. I guess missing out doesn’t matter much, becauser the lead engineers at the company visited Plaxo before they closed their insane round. All I recall from then was that Gaia Online was like Cyworld meets Second Life for 12 year olds. It’s a pretty cool website for those of you who aren’t Korean and worth a looksie if only to get a hint of what your kids will be doing online when they reach 10.

Speaking of Second Life, Dave was talking to me the other day about someone plunking down $50k for Amsterdam and for some reason it made me think of this. I don’t know why.

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