Thoughts on Brendan Eich’s departure

(Disclaimer: None of the views here are those of the Wikimedia Foundation.)

Brendan Eich, creator of Javascript, resigned as CEO of Mozilla mostly over his unrepenting anti-gay views.

I must admit a brief bit of schadenfreude because I predicted that this change would happen on Prop 8 specifically. The only thing that surprises me from those six-year-old articles is the quickness of the sea change around this issue.Continue reading about Eich and other thoughts after the jump

A Net Effect

Zak Greant, who I owe big time because for allowing me to couch surf when I got locked out partying one night in Vancouver, is starting a new Mozilla Foundation program called Net Effects.

The idea is pretty simple. Just record a short snippet of you explaining how the internet has changed your life.

Zak gives a demo of how the internet has changed his life

You can even post it to on this Flickr group.

Join and have at it. 🙂