Tire swinger

Reading the comment rage on this article makes me smile. Michael Scherer’s career strategy is not a good one. But a piece of political vocabulary passed me by. 🙁

“What’s wrong, Mikey? The White House won’t provide you with a tire swing, like Uncle John did?”
donovong comments on Swampland


“DougJ, I think the simpler explanation is that Michael Scherer is a ‘Tire Swinger,’ and he’s still pissed that Obama rumbled his man McCain in the election.

“Look back at Scherer’s loveletters to McCain during the 2008 campaign season, and you’ll start to see a pattern of resentment against the “new guy” reformer that Obama was perceived as.”
cfaller comments on Balloon Juice

Does anyone know what this means? It probably has something to do with this:

In any case, it’s an amusing image, even if I don’t understand how it got from there to here.

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