Largest Ruby on Rails app?

Seen in a brochure at PayPal X: LinkedIn uses Joyent infrastructure to run the largest Ruby on Rails app with over 2 billion monthly pageviews. I thought LinkedIn was Java, when did they switch to Rails? 2 billion monthly? When I left my last company, our (PHP) app was doing over 7 billion monthly, and … Continue reading Largest Ruby on Rails app?

…but you have to know RUBY to be our CTO

This popped in my e-mail box just now: Subject: Anyone know a top Rails programmer for Tech Advisor role Could be as little as one hour per week? Great opportunity for this person to inherit vp of engineering position once we get funded. We are close to launching, and hopefully to being funded. … This … Continue reading …but you have to know RUBY to be our CTO

Ruby, Photography, and Women

My second twitterstalk was Andrei at Caffe Trieste in North Beach. Andrei is someone everyone should be nice to for reasons I mentioned before. He’s trying to get me back into photography. I think it’s because he has a photoblog now… from Andrei’s photoblog, 9 august 2007 and probably figures that getting my competitive juices … Continue reading Ruby, Photography, and Women

Have we reached “Peak Ruby”?

The Terry Chay peak theory, also known as peak ruby, is a not-so-influential theory concerning the long-term popularity of software languages. It predicted that future popularity in Ruby will reach a peak sometime in the year 2007 and then decline. Some observers believe that because of the high dependence of the language on hype, the … Continue reading Have we reached “Peak Ruby”?

Some advice about coding bootcamps

A friend writes: Hey Terry! I’ve been looking into attending a coding bootcamp. Do you have any opinions on them? Any local ones with particularly sterling reputations? Do they seem to churn out somewhat competent alumni? Thanks in advance for any insight you might be able to lend. Honestly, I don’t have a good opinion … Continue reading Some advice about coding bootcamps

You lost me there, bub

Reading [this blog post ranting on PHP][phphorrors] > No corporation supports PHP’s growth & maturity like Sun & Google do for Java, Google (Guido van Rossum) for Python (jnc Django framework), Ruby (inc RoR) by 37 signals etc… 37Signals & Ruby? Thank his noodly appendage PHP’s support isn’t as terrible as that company on that … Continue reading You lost me there, bub