Filming my swing

Golf and I is the story of me trying to avoid anything resembling real exertion.

I started golfing when I joined J.V. Golf in high school to avoid the stigma of Physical Education. Like J.V. Baseball (which provided for me spring’s version of J.V. Golf), J.V. Golf was full of rejects like me who couldn’t golf (or play baseball). In golfing’s case, this pretty much amounted to Mr. Gregory forcing us to pretend at hitting balls up and down a hill, collecting said balls, and ogling at the girls’ field hockey team. Once a week we’d repeat the same procedure on a local public course, minus the girls.

I’m such a geek that it’s wonder I didn’t go through high school ostracized and completely traumatized by the experience. I can only attribute surviving unscathed to having a popular older brother, being small and non-threatening, and my natural good looks. 😉

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